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    Yunmi is founded on the idea that enterprise can bring people together to create big social change.

    ‘Yunmi’ means ‘You and Me’ in Kriol - a language that originally emerged in Northern Australia as a means of communicating between Aboriginal cultures and English speakers, and has since evolved into its own unique language with many dialects.


    The Aboriginal entrepreneurs creating the products in our marketplace are driving change within their communities across remote Australia. They are creating new jobs, reconnecting young people with country, creating pride and offering their unique culture to the market.

    Behind every product is an inspiring story, unique to the culture, knowledge and traditions of that person’s community. By buying from Yumni you can share in this rich knowledge, and support the empowerment of Aboriginal people in remote Australia.

    The story behind Yunmi

    Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has created Yunmi to connect Aboriginal entrepreneurs to the market. ELP exists to provide support to people living in remote Aboriginal communities to enable them to establish and grow microenterprises. We work with Aboriginal entrepreneurs over the long-term.

    ELP’s approach, developed in partnership with a number of remote Aboriginal communities over the last 4.5 years, increases the economic empowerment and participation of extremely economically marginalised individuals by providing opportunities for people to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to explore, develop and grow their ideas into microenterprises.

    All of the products on the Yunmi marketplace are ELP facilitated small businesses. Yumni provides the chance for people all over the world to connect, learn and support the self-determination of Aboriginal people in remote Australia.