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    Minyerri Arts and Cultural Centre

    The Minyerri Art Centre was founded as a space for people to learn, revive and teach skills such as basket weaving, screen printing and painting, as well as projects that celebrate the Alawa language and culture. Artists from Minyerri enjoy depicting the rich array of animals, bush foods and medicines that are found in Alawa country. Minyerri Art Centre proudly supports artists spanning several generations, from young to old.

    The People

    Minyerri is a small community located 580km southeast of Darwin in the Roper region of the Northern Territory, situated on the traditional lands of the Alawa people.  The land is rich with plants and animals and the people are full of knowledge, language and culture. Minyerri lies close to the Hodgson River and is surrounded by sandstone hills and billabongs. Minyerri Art Centre is one way Minyerri community are sharing their culture and Country with the wider Australia.

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