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    Ngarinyman Bush Soap

    Ngarinyman Bush Soaps are made from hand-picked traditional bush medicine plants, with healing properties that have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. During the production process, the plants are infused in the soap, extracting the healing properties of the plant.

    Traditionally the bush medicines contained in Ngarinyman Bush Soap have been used for:

    DIMILAN (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) - Used to get rid of bad spirits, often used in smoking ceremonies to show respect for the land. Also used to smoke babies and young children to help keep them calm.

    MANYINYI (Blumea axillaris) - A cure for coughs and colds, to reduce fever and as a protection from bad spirits and snakes. Also used as a remedy for dry and itchy skin.

    BARDIGI (Terminalia arostrata) - Mainly used as a cure for the flu, as well as a remedy for joint and muscle pain.

    The People

    Ngarinyman Bush Soaps are hand-made by the people of Yarralin community, in the Northern Territory. Yarralin is 382km south west of Katherine in the Northern Territory, situated within the Victoria River Downs cattle station on the traditional lands of the Ngarinyman people. Over 300 people call Yarralin home, including those from the Ngarinyman, Mudbarra, Bilinara and Gurinji tribes. Ngarinyman Bush Soaps is one way Yarralin community are sharing their culture and Country with the wider Australia.

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