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    Yarralin Creative

    Yarralin Creative is a social enterprise supporting the people of Yarralin to explore creative projects that celebrate the unique culture and history of the community. In 2011, young people in the community expressed an interest in wanting to develop a creative project / product that helped to tell the story of their history and showcase the modern day Yarralin. Yarralin Creative was formed in response to this and a community calendar was the first concept that people chose to explore.

    Since then the calendar has become an annual event, and other creative projects have been seeded from this work. These projects enable people to build skills, knowledge, confidence and networks to develop their ideas. They foster unity and remind everyone in the community of their cultural connection.

    The people of Yarralin all come different places. Through the projects of Yarralin Creative they all come together in a unified activity to connect and share their home and culture with the rest of the world.

    The People

    Yarralin is 382km south west of Katherine in the Northern Territory, situated within the Victoria River Downs cattle station on the traditional lands of the Ngaringman people. Over 300 people call Yarralin home, including those from the Ngarinyman, Mudbarra, Bilinara and Gurinji tribes. Yarralin Creative is one way Yarralin community are sharing their culture and Country with wider Australia.

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